Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Traveller (Lyrics)

by Matthew Lodge

Gather round my family; Gather round my friends
Here’s a tale I’ll tell you; I won’t tell it again
Of a man, a traveller who closed his eyes; As he dozed into eternal sleep
Yet he woke in the midst of a strange land; On a path only graced by feet

This traveller he ventured forth one day; upon this long and winding road
With faith and trust to lead the way; with strength and will to bear his load
And at a slow but steady pace; in cold of storm, in warmth of sun
He journeyed on from place to place; gaining value from every one

It breaks my heart to lose you, but you never went alone,
For a part of me went with you, the day you were taken home

Until at last one quiet night; he climbed a hill’s soft rounding crest
And saw afar a single light; that seemed to promise peace and rest.
Then following its glow, he came upon a shining house he was shown.
A voice inside called out his name and told him he was truly home.


Now all of us must travel ,too; Our paths winding slowly on
And surely when the course is through; a welcome comfort waits beyond.
May we believe that sweet content; is earned by miles passed
And never doubt each traveller’s meant; to reach a loving home at last.

Chorus x2

On this day you’re welcomed back home

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